St. Michael Prayer

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do, thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into hell satan and all of the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

An attitude of Gratitude, #Finding God in the Ordinary

You get up late.  You pray as you get dressed, “Jesus, you must need this, so I give my day to You.  I love You.”  The kids miss the school bus.  The car pool goes on without you.  You drive to work and can’t find a parking space, and you’re late.  You forgot your umbrella and it’s raining like when the ark was floating.  You’re soaked to the bone and you have no dry clothes or shoes.  The school calls, and the kids are both throwing up.  Someone needs to pick them up.  You cancel your meeting and head home.  You get soaked again.  “Jesus,” you smile and say, “I asked for some time off,  so I guess I should thank You.”

You pick up the kids at school.  Your younger child looks at you and says in front of the school nurse, “I told you I was sick, but you made me come to school.”  You slink out of the nurse’s office with her glaring at you.  The rain is still pouring down.  You all get wet.  It’s now 11 AM and even though they have been throwing up, the kids are hungry.  You get home and make them some soup, and, yes, they both throw up.  You have a lot of cleaning to do. 

The kids are in bed, sleeping soundly.  It’s almost time to make dinner.  You can’t go to the store because you have to watch the kids.  Your sitters are still in school.  You kick off your shoes.  You pour a glass of wine.  Then you remember you haven’t gone to the bathroom since you left work.  You sigh.  You take care of yourself.  You light a candle.  Then you say, “Jesus, take care of this for me.  I can’t do anything without your help.” 

You close your eyes and rest.  You doze for a few minutes, and, when you wake, the shadows are long.  In the flickering candle light, you see your crucifix on the wall.  “Jesus, this was a tough day, but we made it through.  Thank you for taking care of us.” 

“Mom, I have to throw up again.”  You realize it’s too late as you run into the room.  You hug your child.  “I love you, Sweetie.” 

“I threw up, Mommy.” 

“Don’t worry, baby.  Jesus, is taking care of it for us.  Do you want to sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed for now?” 

“Uh, huh.” 

“Mom, I love you and daddy and sissy and Jesus.”   You smile at his precious faith.

From the other bedroom you hear, “Mom, I have to throw up!”  You hear it come up, and you run into your other baby’s room.”   “I love you, baby.”  And she throws up on your bare feet. 

You make a dry baked potato for the kids.  They want to watch TV.  They must be feeling better.  Daddy called and said he’ll be coming home later than he planned.  You showered and you put the kids to bed.  You’re starved too.  You see the box of cereal and pour yourself the last two circles of oats.  You check on the kids.  They’re sleeping.  “Thank you, Jesus, I know You’re taking care of them for me.” 

Daddy walks in the door.  You smile.  He’s soaked to the bone but he’s smiling at you.  He throws his ams around you and hands you flowers.  He says that he loves you, and that you’re a good mom.  He goes back to the car.  He brings in take out for the two of you. 

You eat with great joy.  “Thank you, Jesus,” you whisper, “You’re taking care of this for me.” 

Then you hear, “Mom, Sissy threw up on the dog and he wet the bed.  She scared him.”  You and Daddy look at each other and smile. 

“Sheets are in the drier,” you say. 

It’s finally bedtime.  The kids are sleeping.  You showered again.  You’re ready for bed.  Daddy is watching the news, but he’s really sleeping on the couch.  You cover him up with a blanket.  You fall to your knees next to your bed.

“Jesus, thank You for this day.  I am so grateful that I was able to take care of our children.  Thank you for taking care of all this for us.  I hope the children feel better tomorrow.  Jesus, take care of this for us.  Thank You.  I know You will.  Amen.  Good night” 

Ever had days like this?  Live them with gratitude, anyway.  Offer them up to God.  He’s taking care of things for you.  Thank God.  He’s God. Be grateful.  Let God be God.  He loves you.

#Finding God in the Everyday

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